6H00 Historical Documentation

The CO should query the EIS to determine if there have been any prior compliance or complaint investigations of the contractor establishment. The CO will need to obtain and review copies of any investigative reports, closure letters, CAs, or other documentation generated as a result of such compliance or complaint investigation.

The CO should also contact and make a written request to the EEOC, the Departments of Justice and State, 339 VETS in the DOL, and state and local FEP agencies that are responsible for enforcing state and local nondiscrimination laws. The inquiries would be to determine whether there are any complaints against the contractor. If obtained, the CO should include this information in the case file and incorporate it, as appropriate, in the Investigative Plan.

If the complainant indicates that he or she has filed an EEO grievance or complaint with the contractor or union, the CO should obtain a copy of the grievance or complaint from the complainant. Upon making a data request of the contractor, the CO should request any documentation related to the grievance/complaint, complaint investigation and, if applicable, contractor findings and remedy.

If the CO finds that the EEOC is conducting an ongoing investigation, the CO should obtain adequate information to determine whether the EEOC has exercised jurisdiction over some or all of the allegations over which OFCCP would also have jurisdiction and is proceeding with an investigation of the same. Upon verifying this information, the CO should discuss this with his or her supervisor.

339. See Letter L-17, Inquiry Letter to U.S. Department of Justice or the U.S. Department of State.