2D05 Return On-Site Review and Denial of Access

COs should make every effort to gather all necessary records and conduct all personnel interviews during the on-site review. If, however, the CO identifies the need for additional contractor records or personnel interviews after the on-site review ends, a return on-site review may be necessary. The CO must discuss this possibility with his or her supervisor.

When a second on-site visit is needed, the CO will follow the on-site procedures as described in this chapter. However, if the contractor can timely submit additional data or information without an on-site visit, the CO does not need to conduct a return on-site review, unless the contractor fails to provide the information.

If the contractor refuses to provide the requested data or information, or does not allow a follow-up on-site review, the CO will prepare an SCN for denial of access. More information on this issue is in Chapter 8, Resolution of Noncompliance.