2D04 Exit Conference

Upon completion of the necessary on-site review and evaluation of all information obtained, COs will discuss the tentative findings of the compliance evaluation with the contractor at the on-site exit conference. The on-site exit conference should be held with the contractor’s CEO or designee. The CO will reiterate to the contractor that Executive Order 11246, Section 503 and VEVRAA prohibit intimidation of, or retaliation against, anyone assisting or participating in the investigation.99 An exit conference does not mean that the on-site review is complete; therefore, COs should avoid making any statements that could lead the contractor to believe that the CO is no longer able to request a follow-up on-site or to seek additional information.

COs must schedule the exit conference for the final day of the on-site review. At this conference, the CO must be prepared to describe the aspects of the investigation and to discuss the tentative findings of the compliance evaluation in general terms. The CO will inform the CEO, or designee, of the next steps in the compliance evaluation process, of any outstanding or additional requests for information, and of the possibility that a PDN or NOV could be issued.

99. See also 2C00 – Prohibition Against Retaliation.