2D00 Entrance Conference

The on-site review typically begins with an entrance conference with the CEO or highest ranking official in charge of the facility, his or her representative and senior officials who are responsible for implementing the AAP(s). The entrance conference will provide general information to the CEO and explain the purposes of the compliance evaluation. During this conference, a CO will, at a minimum, provide:

  • A summary of the contractor’s obligations under the programs administered by OFCCP;
  • A description of the scope of the on-site review and the length of time that the CO anticipates being on-site; and
  • A description of the information needed while on-site.

A CO must advise the contractor of the need to conduct confidential employee interviews. This includes informing the contractor that it does not have the right to have its representative present during an employee interview as either an observer or the employee’s representative. It is possible that an employee could request the presence of the contractor’s representative during the interview. Should this happen, the CO must determine whether the request is freely made and is not the result of a threat or coercion. The CO makes this determination based on speaking privately with the employee outside of the presence of the contractor’s representative.

A CO may want to interview a management employee in some capacity other than as a manager for the contractor, for example, as a potential complainant or victim. This management employee is not required to have the contractor’s representative present for the interview if he or she is not speaking on behalf of the contractor. The CO must make it clear to the contractor that nothing said by the management employee will be binding on the contractor. The determination of whether the management employee is a potential complainant or victim and whether the contractor’s representative can be present is fact-specific. Therefore, COs should consult with the RSOL and the national office before engaging in these types of interviews.

During the conference, the CO will inform the CEO of the need to meet again to discuss tentative findings of the investigation, and any outstanding requests for data and information.95

95. See also 2C00 Prohibition Against Retaliation.