1P01 Itemized Listing Data on Compensation

The Itemized Listing requires a contractor to submit employee-level (i.e., individual) data on compensation. Upon receipt of a contractor’s AAP and supporting compensation data, the CO must review the submitted compensation data to ensure that it satisfies all of the requirements from the Itemized Listing, as explained above.71 If the CO determines that the submission does not satisfy the requirements of the Itemized Listing data request, the CO must contact the contractor to discuss the discrepancies. Additionally, the CO must send a written request to the contractor seeking production of the compensation data within seven business days of receipt of the letter. The CO must recommend the issuance of an SCN if the contractor fails to comply.72

71. FCCM 1C01 and 1F05.

72. See Chapter 8: Resolution of Noncompliance.