1L00 Analysis of Goals Progress

As noted earlier, to be acceptable, AAP Itemized Listing data must include a report of progress on immediately preceding AAP year goals. In addition, the contractor should include a report of progress on current goals if the contractor is at least six months into its current AAP year when it receives the Scheduling Letter. COs will use this progress report to analyze goals progress.

a. Data Needed. To conduct this analysis, COs must first identify the job groups for which the contractor established goals at the beginning of the period under review. Second, COs must determine the percentage placement goal for each job group and the protected class to which it applies. Third, for each such job group, the number of total placements including hires and promotions, and the number of minority and/or female placements must be determined. If a contractor does not submit this information at the desk audit, COs will conduct the analysis below at whatever point in the review they obtain sufficient information.

b. Analysis. The analysis takes into consideration the number of opportunities the contractor provided in relation to the goal. More specifically, to determine how many minorities or women the contractor would have placed if the goal were met, COs multiply the percentage placement goal by the number of placements that occurred. The CO then compares this result with the number of minorities or women placed.

If a contractor established a goal for a particular race or ethnicity, or men or women of a particular race or ethnicity, then the CO evaluates progress on that goal in the same fashion as in the above example.