1K01 Workforce Structure and Personnel Practices

In the initial review of the AAP and Itemized Listing data, COs evaluate the organizational display or workforce analysis for acceptability. As a result, they have a basic understanding of the contractor’s organization and operations. For example, a workforce analysis should show:

  • Whether the contractor organizes the facility by department or other unit (e.g., division);
  • Whether lines of progression exist; and
  • How the contractor structures pay and other characteristics that may prove useful for subsequent analyses of both affirmative action and potential discrimination issues.

Other Itemized Listing data that the contractor may provide with the AAP, such as copies of labor agreements, should contain additional information such as pay rates, work performed, organizational structure and rules for internal mobility. COs must enter this information, to the extent that it is available during the desk audit, in Part B.VIII of the SCER.