1E03 Missing Itemized Listing Data

The Itemized Listing requests various data related to all three of OFCCP’s legal authorities with varying time parameters. For instance, contractors are required to submit the last three years of their Employer Information Reports (EEO-1 reports). For employment activity data, including employee-level compensation data, they are required to submit the data only for the immediately preceding AAP year unless they are at least six months or more into their current AAP year, in which case they would submit the current AAP year data or the underlying records if the contractor cannot or has not computed the current year data as well. The Itemized Listing must be reauthorized by OMB at least every three years, so it is subject to change. Figure F-3 contains the current Itemized Listing.

As explained in subsection 1C01, the CO must recommend the issuance of an SCN if the contractor fails to submit Itemized Listing data. After confirming receipt of the Itemized Listing data, the CO must ensure that the submission is complete. If one or more of the items is missing, the CO considers the submission incomplete. A CO must contact the contractor to request any missing items immediately and should provide the contractor with compliance assistance if needed. If the contractor does not comply, the CO must suspend the desk audit and recommend the issuance of an SCN. If the contractor included all of the items, the CO will then evaluate them for acceptability.