1C01 Nonreceipt of Itemized Listing Data

If, in response to the Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing, a contractor does not meet its deadline to submit all the Itemized Listing records requested, including employment activity data, the CO must immediately begin the process to issue an SCN.27 This process also applies to contractors who receive the one-time, 30-day extension for submitting Itemized Listing information explained in 1B04. Examples of incomplete information include not submitting data for one or more personnel activity elements, such as applicant flow, hires, compensation, promotions or terminations. As with all correspondence, conversations, emails, or other communication, this contact must be meticulously recorded in the Case Chronology Log, in the event OFCCP goes to litigation.

27. Procedures for issuing an SCN are in Chapter 8 – Resolution of Noncompliance.