At the Office of Unemployment Insurance Modernization, we recognize that plain language isn't just helpful -- it's critical to how we communicate about Unemployment Insurance.

We've developed this portfolio of plain language resources for states to use as they continue to improve their UI content. Use whichever resources will benefit your team the most, and if you have questions or feedback, please contact us: we'd love to hear from you.


  • Plain language content workshops

    The Plain Language team developed three workshops to provide states with introductory knowledge and selected resources on the topics central to the questions.

  • Plain language repository

    Browse our collection of plain-language notices and forms you can customize to use in your state.

  • Rhode Island plain language notices

    Learn more about the work we did with Rhode Island to create plain-language claimant notices

  • The UI Lexicon

    The UI Lexicon provides sample meanings for terms commonly used in UI content.

  • UI Lexicon research work

    Learn about the research we did to create the UI Lexicon, a collection of the most commonly used UI terms across states.

  • Content governance practices

    Content governance is an important (but often overlooked) aspect of content strategy. Here, learn tips for building a sustainable governance practice.

  • UI application questions bank

    Access a bank of UI application questions based on work with various state teams and drawing on collective plain-language knowledge.

  • Plain language: approach and resources

    Learn more about how we approach our plain language work and the resources we rely on.