The Office of Policy Development and Research (OPDR) assists the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) in supporting its goal to inform the development of workforce policies and investments and support the continuous improvement of the public workforce investment system by analyzing, formulating, and recommending legislative changes and options for policy initiatives. OPDR provides ETA with strategic approaches to improve performance and outcomes through research, demonstrations and the evaluation of major ETA programs. OPDR manages the Workforce Opportunity and Innovation Act performance accountability reporting system and ensures timely dissemination of all program performance results on a quarterly basis to inform policy and program decision making. OPDR coordinates the development of ETA rulemaking documents implementing federal laws or amending outdated information into a regulation. In addition, OPDR is responsible for processing ETA's Federal Register notices for publication. OPDR oversees the maintenance of wage record exchange systems for state and other grantees to verify performance outcomes; coordinates with the U.S. Department of Education on the Workforce Data Quality Initiative; and coordinates the development of ETA's Operating Plan. OPDR also serves as a liaison for ETA in international engagements and coordinates the agency's interactions with international organizations and foreign countries. The office also is responsible for disseminating advisories and publications to the Employment and Training system.

Legislation and Regulations

Research and Evaluation

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Strategic Planning and Performance

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