National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) Data Finder provides summary data tables for several crop worker characteristics. Data tables can be viewed online and downloaded. Select the Time Period and Topic that match your interests.

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Time Period

NAWS data are summarized in two-year intervals from 1989 to present. All Available Years data files include all five-year intervals from 1989 to present.



NAWS data include crop worker characteristics—demographics; employment; health; housing; and income, earnings, and assets. An optional second topic can be selected based on your Topic 1 selection. Topic 2 options will only display if data for a second topic is available with your Time Period and Topic 1 selections. For a listing of available Topic 1/Topic 2 combinations, please see the NAWS Data Finder - List of Data Tables by Topic 1 and Topic 2

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Income, Earnings, and Assets