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Toolkit Cover Page:  Recovery Ready Workplace Toolkit - Guidance and Resources for Private and Public Sector Employers - Federal Recovery Ready Workplace Interagency Workgroup - November 2023

The Recovery-Ready Workplace Toolkit: Guidance and Resources for Private and Public Sector Employers is designed to help businesses and other employers prevent and respond more effectively to substance misuse among employees, build their workforces through hiring of people in recovery, and develop a recovery-supportive culture. It is also intended to serve as a resource to states, local governments, labor organizations, business groups, and non-profits considering launching multi-employer Recovery-Ready Workplace (RRW) initiatives at the local or state levels. Developed through the efforts of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Domestic Policy Council, and 12 federal departments and independent agencies, this toolkit supports efforts in the fourth pillar of President Biden’s Unity Agenda for the Nation, beating the opioid and overdose epidemic. The toolkit also supports the implementation of President Biden’s inaugural National Drug Control Strategy, which calls for National Drug Control Program Agencies to expand employment opportunities for people in recovery from substance use disorder and to promote RRW policies.

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