Do you work with your hands in the field, such as planting, harvesting, or packing fruits or vegetables?

If yes, and if there are at least 11 or more hand laborers in the field at your jobsite on any given day (including yourself), then you have rights to:


girl working at a food truck

Clean and cool drinking water, provided in sufficient amount, and served in single-use cups.

young lifeguard workers at a pool

Clean toilet facilities with ventilation, screening, and self-closing doors that provide privacy.

girl stocking produce

Handwashing facilities with clean water, soap, and single-use towels, and a way to dispose of waste, including sanitary products.

  • Did you know? Washing hands both BEFORE and AFTER using the bathroom or eating is an important way to protect yourself from hazardous pesticides.
cheerful young guy greeting at retail

Toilet facilities and handwashing facilities that are close to one another and generally within a ¼ mile walk of your work in the fields.

young restaurant workers

Breaks to use the bathroom and drink water as often as needed.

  • Did you know? Urinating regularly is important for avoiding urinary tract infections and kidney problems. Dehydration is dangerous, particularly for those who are nursing or pregnant. For more on the importance of hydration, check out OSHA’s Water. Rest. Shade website.

NOTE that toilet and handwashing facilities are not required for employees who perform field work for 3 hours or less (including transportation time to and from the field) during the day. Drinking water must be provided at all times.