VGRS Deployment Date

VETS is scheduled to deploy VGRS for HVRP on July 1, 2024.


Transitioning to VGRS

The VETS Grantee Reporting System (VGRS) is a new system that will replace the PDF and Excel-based information collection forms and email-based grant reports submission process for the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP) and Jobs for Veterans States Grants (JVSG) program. 

The first deployment will be for HVRP, where VGRS will replace the VETS-701 Technical Performance Report (TPR) and VETS-702 Technical Performance Narrative (TPN) forms and incorporate an automated routing process to submit reports from grant recipients to federal staff.

VGRS Access

All VETS HVRP grant recipients must use VGRS to complete their quarterly performance reporting requirement. Beginning July 1, 2024, the previous data collection forms (VETS-701 and VETS-702) will no longer be accepted. All performance reports will be created, routed, and maintained within VGRS.

Grant recipient access to the VGRS system will be managed through and permissions to view/edit grant records will be managed by the VETS Grant Officer’s Technical Representative (GOTR) or the GOTR’s designee.

Grant Recipient Roles

All grant recipient staff members assigned to a grant have the same role: Grantee Staff.

At this time, VETS is planning to allow for up to *four (4) Grantee Staff user accounts per HVRP grant. VETS cannot offer broader access via an organizational email account because requires multifactor authentication (e.g., text message/phone call, authenticator app, security key, etc.).

*Subject to change

Benefits of VRGS

Transparency and Efficiency

VGRS will support greater transparency and efficiency between federal staff and grant recipients by replacing the email-based report submission process with automated workflows.


In addition, converting the PDF and Excel files into an online record that can be maintained over the life of the grant improves accessibility, eliminates time spent on duplicative data entry, and reduces the total number of reports generated every quarter.

Enhanced Security

VGRS also provides enhanced security and advanced data validation features that will improve the accuracy and completeness of HVRP grant data.