8K02 Contents in a Complaint Investigation

a. General. A complaint investigation case file that OFCCP submits for enforcement consists of a cover memorandum and the standard complaint investigation case file. The case file must include a table of contents or index identifying all of the contents and their location within the file, tabs and labels. RSOLs are provided an exact copy of the original case file.

b. Cover Memorandum. The cover memorandum is typically one page. It must request enforcement, briefly state the law under which the victim filed the complaint, state the allegations and basis for the complaint, and state the violation(s) and the results of conciliation efforts. This includes the issues at impasse when conciliation terminated.

c. Transmittal Memorandum. The Transmittal Memorandum for a complaint investigation is similar in content to the Transmittal Memorandum description above.