8K01 Contents of a Compliance Evaluation File

a. General. A compliance evaluation case file that OFCCP submits for enforcement consists of a brief cover memorandum, a Transmittal Memorandum and the standard compliance evaluation case file. The case file must contain every document OFCCP collected and/or generated in the course of the evaluation, including all emails; statistical analyses, including spreadsheets properly labeled and dated; nonstatistical/anecdotal evidence; mitigation data; interview statements and detailed descriptions of the employment processes or practices at issue. The case file must include a table of contents or index that identifies all of the contents and their location within the file, tabs and labels. The case file OFCCP submits to RSOL for enforcement should be an exact copy of the original case file and contain all of the documents in the original case file.425 The file is sent to the RO for transmittal to the RSOL. If needed, the RO can create and maintain a copy of the file at this point. The original file will remain in the field office responsible for conducting the compliance evaluation.

b. Cover Memorandum. The cover memorandum is typically one page. It contains a brief statement of all the violations at issue, and indicates which violation(s) were at impasse when the conciliation process terminated (e.g., jurisdiction, denial of access, whether there was a violation, the amount of back pay).

c. Transmittal Memorandum. Appendix A-13 describes the contents of the Transmittal Memorandum. The Transmittal Memorandum must be a stand-alone document that contains all of the information supporting why RSOL and DPO should ultimately approve the enforcement recommendation. It should include any strengths or weaknesses the CO uncovered during the course of the investigation or review, citations to relevant supporting documentation in the case file, contractor’s response to the alleged violations, OFCCP’s assessment of those responses and a history of the conciliation efforts, including any offers the CO and contractor exchanged. It should not be a Memorandum that consists solely of conclusory statements or summary information, but instead be a report explaining why RSOL should pursue the case for enforcement. Every fact in the Transmittal Memorandum must contain a reference to the location of the back-up information or documents in the case file that verify the fact.

425. In addition, a copy of the enforcement memo and list of supporting documents and tabs will be sent to DPO when the file is referred to RSOL.