8D05 Who Receives an SCN or ASCN

COs send the SCN, or ASCN, to the top official at the establishment under review, or the top official of the construction company in the economic area being reviewed. A copy of the SCN is sent to the CEO if the establishment or construction company is part of a larger corporation. If the contractor submits a written request that the CO provide a copy of the review or investigation correspondence to an outside representative such as an outside counsel or consultant, the CO will also send a copy to the designated representative. When the CO provides a copy to a corporate CEO, other contractor official or a designated representative, the CO should include a “cc:” line on all copies indicating the people to whom he or she sent the Notice.

COs must always send SCNs or ASCNs by certified mail, return receipt requested. An additional copy may also be sent by email or facsimile.