8D04 When to Use an Amended Show Cause Notice

When a CO issues an SCN and subsequently identifies additional violations, the CO must issue an ASCN incorporating all violations, including the original ones. An ASCN must also be issued when the first SCN included violations in error. The CO may issue more than one ASCN.

For example:

  • Supply and Service Contractors. If a CO issues an SCN at desk audit for failure to submit an Executive Order 11246 AAP, and the contractor then submits an unreasonable Executive Order 11246 AAP, the CO may issue an ASCN citing both the initial failure to submit and the subsequent unreasonable submission. If the contractor then submits a reasonable Executive Order 11246 AAP, but the CO identifies additional violations during the on-site review, the CO may issue a second ASCN citing all violations to date.

Just as an ASCN includes all violations, including those the CO cited in the original SCN, the CO uses a single CA to resolve all outstanding violations, regardless of when in the review the CO identified a particular violation.

A sample ASCN is provided in Letter L-32. An ASCN is sent to the same people as an SCN, has the same signature authority as the original SCN unless the Regional Director delegates otherwise, and follows the same procedures concerning contractor responses.407

407. See FCCM 8D05, 8D06, and 8D07.