8A04 Organization of This Chapter

This chapter contains 13 sections, Sections A through M. Section A provides basic terms that may be useful and Section B is the first substantive section in this chapter. Section B is an overview of the application of SCNs at various steps in compliance evaluations and complaint investigations, and the documents used to notify contractors and issue an SCN. Section B also reviews the notices used when a CO finds a violation during a compliance evaluation such as a PDN and an NOV. The Manual reviews documents used during complaint investigations, such as a NORI and a Notification of Right-to-Sue, in this section. Among the other documents reviewed here are CAs, documents needed during the monitoring of CAs and the notice to labor unions when a CA affects a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Section C specifically focuses on the notice to unions, while Section D is dedicated to a full discussion of SCNs. Section E is on PDNs, Section F addresses NOVs, Section G is devoted to conciliation. The remaining sections, K though M are on CAs, post-CA actions, using the 15-day notice, enforcement recommendations, pre and post referral issues resulting from enforcement proceedings and, finally, the types of enforcement proceedings.