8A01 Remedies

If a CO identifies violations during a compliance evaluation or complaint investigation, the CO must secure remedies or sanctions, or both, to bring the contractor into compliance. COs design remedies for three reasons: to correct the violation, to prevent recurrence of the violation, and to make the victims whole. For a complete discussion of remedies and sanctions, see Chapter 7 of this Manual. Distinctions between remedies and sanctions are discussed below.

a. Remedy. Remedies are legally required actions to eliminate the effects of discrimination that include, for example, back pay or reinstatement. Remedies may also be taken or imposed to rectify noncompliance with affirmative action standards. Remember, remedies are corrective, not punitive, and are established in a CA.

b. Sanctions. In contrast to remedies, sanctions may be appropriate when a contractor fails to agree to acceptable remedies or fails to implement acceptable remedies for noncompliance. Examples of sanctions may include termination of a contract or debarment. Sanctions may also be appropriate when a violation is egregious or repetitive, or both. Sanctions can only be imposed after an opportunity for a hearing.369

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