5B03 OFCCP Compliance History Reports

The CO must check OFCCP’s CMS and EIS to obtain a list of prior compliance evaluations of the functional or business unit, corporation and its other related functions or establishments. If the FAAP Branch has other historical information on the functional or business unit under review, the branch will provide this information to the region upon initiation of the FAAP review. Checking to determine if the prior evaluations identified any issues is an important preparatory step. If issues are identified in the historical files, the CO must review the record to determine how they were resolved. These previously identified issues may provide useful information and possible indicators of current problem areas. Any violations found in past compliance actions must be recorded in Part A of the SCER. If a prior review of this unit resulted in a CA, the on-site review should provide an opportunity to confirm that the contractor took, and appropriately maintained, the required corrective action.