5B00 Creation and Maintenance of the Case File

The FAAP Branch will create an electronic Case Chronology Log for each FAAP evaluation.297 The evaluation is transferred to the regional office when the Scheduling Letter is issued. At that time, the FAAP Branch will provide the electronic Case Chronology Log to the CO who will maintain and complete it as directed in FCCM 1B01.

The CO must create and maintain a case file for each scheduled compliance evaluation. The case file should generally consist of the items detailed in FCCM 1B02 on creating a case file. For a FAAP compliance evaluation, the case file should also include a copy of the approved FAAP Agreement, as signed by the Director of OFCCP, or designee. The FAAP Branch will provide the CO a copy of the most recently approved FAAP agreement upon the scheduling of a new compliance evaluation. This information should be included in the case file in Folder 1.

297. Figure F-2 – Case Chronology Log.