4G00 Entrance Conference

COs must coordinate the entrance conference with top corporate officials and with the appropriate OFCCP regional office. Coordination with the regional office gives the Regional Director, or designee, the opportunity to attend the meeting. During the entrance conference, COs must obtain any clarification needed from the corporate organization (e.g., any organization charts not obtained to date) and any missing corporate background information the corporation may be able to provide (e.g., annual reports) prior to the on-site review. For example, corporate officials should be asked to explain and provide any documentation regarding:

  • What the contractor values in candidates for middle and senior-level management positions;277 and
  • Whether the contractor has developed any special EEO programs that it would like for OFCCP to consider as part of its corporate evaluation.

As in any other evaluation, COs should address any questions contractors have concerning the on-site and any other part of the evaluation process. COs must remind contractors that the on-site closing conference will be only an informal, preliminary discussion and that a formal exit conference will be scheduled when OFCCP is prepared to discuss evaluation findings, after having conducted off-site analysis.278

277. See FCCM 4G01 – Corporate Culture and FCCM 4H00 – General Qualification Standards.

278. See FCCM 4K – Completion of Compliance Evaluation: Exit Conference, Report Writing and Notice of Evaluation; also, FCCM 2D04 – Exit Conference.