2F01 Management Interviews

COs must identify the managers that played a role in making employment decisions that the COs determine, through the desk audit review or other on-site analysis, need clarification. Examples of the types of questions that COs should ask and include in the Interview Plan are below.

  • How did the contractor make the personnel or other decision? What procedures were used? Are these procedures customarily used? Are exceptions made to these procedures? If so, under what circumstances or when are exceptions made?
  • How were the qualification criteria evaluated?
  • What was the decision process? What was your role in the process or personnel action? Were you the sole decision-maker or part of a team of decision-makers? On what did you base the decision and what information did you have when making the decision?
  • Is the contractor making efforts to reach out to or establish linkages with groups representing veterans, individuals with disabilities, women and minorities? Describe those efforts.

COs should always be alert to opportunities to ask necessary follow-up questions and pursue unexpected avenues of inquiry that open up during the interview.