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Corporate Scheduling Announcement Lists

The CSAL is a courtesy notification to an establishment selected to undergo a compliance evaluation. OFCCP sends the CSAL in advance of the OMB approved scheduling letter. Additional information is available on the CSAL Frequently Asked Questions page.


The dataset consists of closed compliance evaluations and complaint investigations, conducted by the OFCCP, from Fiscal Year (FY) 2004 through FY 2020. These data provide information on the OFCCP’s efforts to enforce the EEO-mandated laws and regulations within the Federal Contractor Community (those companies which have been provided government contracts).

The most current OFCCP Compliance Evaluation and Complaint Investigation Data is also available at

Conciliation Agreements

Conciliation Agreements are formal agreements signed by the OFCCP and a contractor’s top official. They identify violations and require the contractor to implement specific remedies. The financial conciliation agreements posted address compliance evaluations that resulted in discrimination with make‐whole relief to employees or job seekers. The technical conciliation agreements address administrative issues (e.g., record keeping, outreach, etc.) but do not involve discrimination or back pay and make‐whole relief.

Please note that not all OFCCP Conciliation Agreements may be posted on this site, and that consent decrees are available from the Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ). You can also refer to the OALJ FOIA Library.