Name Title Division Phone
Craig E. Leen Director Front Office 202-693-0101
Bob Gaglione Deputy Director Front Office 202-693-0101
Patricia J. Davidson Deputy Director Front Office 202-693-0101
Robert M. LaJeunesse Director of Enforcement Front Office 202-693-0101
Lissette Geán Chief of Staff Front Office 202-693-0101
Marcus Stergio Ombudsman Front Office 202-693-1174
Kelley J. Smith Director DMAP 202-693-0119
Candice Spalding Deputy Director DMAP 202-693-0119
Kenneth Leung Branch Chief for Budget and Finance DMAP 202-693-0119
Deridra Jones Branch Chief for Human Capital and Workforce Management (Acting) DMAP 202-693-0119
Tina T. Williams Director DPPD 202-693-0104
Christopher Seely Deputy Director (Acting) DPPD 202-693-0104
Valerie Todd Branch Chief for Regulatory, Legislative and Policy Development (Acting) DPPD 202-693-0104
Lisa Jordan Branch Chief for Training, Education and Program Development (Acting) DPPD 202-693-0104
Javaid Kaiser, Ph.D. Director DPO 202-693-0106
Margaret Kraak Deputy Director (Acting) DPO 202-693-0106
Robert LaJeunesse, Ph.D. Branch Chief of Expert Services DPO 202-693-0106
William Crews, Ph.D. Branch Chief for Functional Affirmative Action Program (Acting) DPO 202-693-0106
Quintin Carter Branch Chief for Performance DPO 202-693-0106
Vacant Branch Chief for Quality Assurance DPO 202-693-0106
Theresa Lujan Director, Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program DPO 202-693-4662