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  • Zaslavskaya, The Authority of Administrative Law Judges to Impose Sanctions in Cases Arising under the Longshore Act (Feb. 2020) PDF
  • Reinhalter, Fourth and Fifth Circuits Issue Coverage Decisions (Sept. 2019) PDF
  • Reinhalter, Recent Decisions Applying LHWCA Section 33(g) Forfeiture Provision (Nov. 2018) PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Post-retirement Disability Claims under the Longshore Act (May 2018) PDF
  • Reinhalter, The Scope of an ALJ’s Authority Under the LHWCA (Jan. 2018) PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Medical Benefits Under Section 7 of the LHWCA: Select Issues (Aug. 2017) | PDF
  • Reinhalter, Secondary Injuries: Fourth Circuit Applies Section 20(a) Presumption (Apr. 2017) PDF
  • Reinhalter, OCSLA Coverage Post-the Supreme Court’s decision in Valladolid (June 2016) PDF
  • Dorsey and Hardy, Do You Know When Your Fee Petition is Due? The Rocky Road Untimely Attorney’s Fee Petitions (Apr. 2016) PDF
  • Reinhalter, Recent Developments Regarding the Scope and Application of the Zone of Special Danger Doctrine (Mar. 2015) PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Evaluation and Weighing of Medical Opinion Evidence in Longshore Cases (Mar. 2015) PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Resolving Longshore Claims Through Settlements and Stipulations: Overview of Current Issues and Developments in Administrative Law Judges' Decisions (June 2, 2014) PDF
  • Reinhalter, Update on the Meaning and Proper Application of Section 6(c) of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (Feb. 2014) PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Compensation Orders in Litigated LHWCA Claims: What the ALJs and the Parties Should Know (May 20, 2013) HTML | PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Responsible Employer Determination in Cases Involving Multiple Traumatic Injuries: Seeking Analytical Clarity (Feb. 2012) HTML | PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Reasonable Hourly Rate Determination: Overview of Recent Decisions (Mar. 2011) HTML | PDF
  • Zaslavskaya, Who Is an "Employee:" Construction Workers, Dock Workers, and Specialty Occupations (Mar. 2010) HTML | PDF ht
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  • Archive of Reference Works

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