The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) is responsible for administering and enforcing the fiduciary, reporting and disclosure provisions of the ERISA. OALJ's role under ERISA is limited to conducting hearings where a party appeals certain EBSA civil money penalties. EBSA's website contains an extensive collection of information concerning legal rights and responsibilities relating to employment benefits. EBSA also has a Toll Free Participant and Compliance Assistance Number, 1-866-444-3272, for questions regarding retirement and health benefit plans.


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Sample Answer

Sample Answer: EBSA regulations require that requests for hearings be in the form of an "answer" as defined in OALJ's Rules of Practice. This is a sample provided only for purposes of illustrating the form and format of a typical answer/request for hearing.


Most ALJ decisions are appealable to either the Administrative Review Board or the Benefits Review Board. In ERISA cases, however, an appeal is made to the Employee Benefits Security Administration itself. The EBSA office that handles appeals of ALJ decisions is:

Director of the Office of Policy and Research
Employee Benefits Security Administration
200 Constitution Ave, NW, Ste N-5718
Washington, DC 20210

See Secretary's Order 1-2011, Delegation of Authority and Assignment of Responsibilities to the Employee Benefits Security Administration (Dec. 21, 2011).