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ETA Releases Sample Youth Individual Service Strategy Template

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Although there is no mandated WIOA Youth Individual Service Strategy (ISS) template required, the Employment and Training Administration has created a sample ISS template that may be used for WIOA Youth program case management. This template was developed based on 39 ISS submissions from across the country and compiles key elements, common themes and best practices from the various submissions.

To view the ISS template, visit:

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Department of Labor Publishes Thirty-Day PRA Notice for “National Childcare Costs Database”

The Department of Labor today (July 11) has published the thirty-day PRA notice for the National Childcare Costs Database information collection.

The creation of a comprehensive and publicly available data source for childcare prices will provide a more comprehensive picture of the cost of childcare at the local level in the United States. Because data are collected within local areas, childcare prices will more accurately reflect the prices parents pay in the market, rather than estimates derived from state averages. This data source will be used to show how, who, and where childcare prices are impacting labor force participation, and allow government agencies, practitioners, and policymakers to more accurately measure potential economic impacts and identify strategies for enhancing employment options and economic security for women.

The Office of Management and Budget will consider all comments it receives by August 12.

July 11, 2019 Thirty-Day PRA Notice

December 26, 2018 Sixty-Day PRA Notice

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Census Bureau’s “Opportunity Project: 2019 Workforce Cohort” Kicks Off in Chicago

The U.S. Census Bureau has recently convened the Investing in the American Workforce workshop, which focused on creating data-driven digital products for workers, businesses, investors and communities. Participants representing government, industry, academia, community organizers and partners collaborated and shared ideas on four critical workforce challenges facing the public:

  • Catalyzing investment in Opportunity Zones.
  • Modernizing talent discovery.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship.
  • Helping workers leverage multiple pathways for career growth.

This workshop kicked off the first 2019 technology sprint of The Opportunity Project (TOP). TOP is a unique and innovative accelerator program within the Census Bureau that matches tech companies, universities, government and communities together to translate open data into useful digital products for the public.

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