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Department of Labor Makes Major Announcements on Apprenticeship Expansion

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The Department of Labor has announced major milestones in the continuing effort to expand apprenticeships in the United States.

June 24 News Release

Key webpage links to the milestone descriptions include:

  • A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) will establish a process for the Department of Labor to advance the development of high-quality, industry-recognized apprenticeship programs (IRAPs).
    June 25 Federal Register Notice

This TEN introduction notes:

In June 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) on Expanding Apprenticeships in America , which lays out an expanded vision for apprenticeship in America. This revised Training and Employment Notice (TEN) provides additional information on a framework for an important part of this expanded approach: Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs.

The TEN has been revised to provide additional information concerning high-quality apprenticeships and what is necessary to support them. This revised TEN will subsequently be accompanied by a revised and finalized application form, which the Department of Labor (Department or DOL) will announce as available through a .

The Department will accept submissions through this form from entities interested in receiving a favorable determination that their characteristics, policies, and procedures align with the features this TEN describes. The Department encourages entities to continue to develop plans, structures, and key partnerships that will form the basis for a successful submission.