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Department of Labor Seeking Public Comment on Three Proposed Reemployment-Related Performance Measures Adopted by the Unemployment Program; Indicators Seek Alignment with WIOA Requirements

Release Date


The Department of Labor is seeking public comment on the following proposed performance measures:

  • Reemployment Rate for all UI Eligible Individuals after the 2nd Quarter of Program Exit (a Core Measure);
  • Reemployment Rate after the 2nd Quarter of Program Exit for Reemployment Service and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program participants (a Program Performance Measure); and
  • Median Wage in the 2nd Quarter after Program Exit for RESEA Program Participants (a Program Performance Measure).

These measures are designed to align with the common performance measures for other workforce programs authorized by WIOA and will assist ETA in overseeing states' performance related to reemployment of UI claimants.

The May 29 FEDERAL REGISTER notice also informs states of the Department's discontinuance of the UI Facilitate Reemployment Core Measure.