Feasibility Study and Evaluation of Non-Traditional Occupation Demonstrations

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Feasibility Study and Evaluation of Non-Traditional Occupation Demonstrations

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Initiated in June 2013, the "Feasibility Study and Evaluation of Non-Traditional Occupation Demonstrations" project sought evidence-based strategies that increase opportunities for employment in occupations where specific populations and subpopulations are traditionally underrepresented (non-traditional occupations, or NTOs).

Three reports were developed under this study. A literature review identifies prior research and studies that identify barriers to NTO entry and retention for women, and strategies that aim to address these barriers. The interim report describes the steps taken to identify, design, and implement a demonstration project and associated evaluation. The final report summarizes the project intervention, evaluation design, baseline and intervention characteristics, program impacts, and includes study implications and recommendations.

The implementation study used a multi-pronged intervention aimed at addressing outreach and perception barriers to entry into NTO’s. The impact study tested recruitment materials with two American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI) grantees. The two grantees, South Seattle Community College and New Mexico Community College, used the recruitment materials to randomize jobseekers into groups that receive themed or non-themed messages, and the evaluation compared the differential effect of themed and non-themed messages on short-term outcomes.

The intervention involved multi-mode outreach designed to reduce misperceptions, increase awareness, and encourage women to enter traditionally male occupations and related training programs. The evaluation design measured and compared the effectiveness of the two sets of recruitment content.