Taskforce on the Aging of the American Workforce - The aging and retirement of the baby boom generation will have impacts on many aspects of our society, and has many implications for the U.S. labor market, including possible labor and skill shortages. In recognition of the challenges that lie ahead, in May 2006, the Department of Labor convened an interagency taskforce to focus on the aging of the American workforce and the impact of this demographic change. The Taskforce on the Aging of the American Workforce is identifying strategies to enhance the ability of older Americans to remain in or re-enter the labor market and pursue self-employment opportunities and enable businesses to take full advantage of this skilled labor pool.

Report of the Taskforce on the Aging of the American Workforce

Current Strategies to Employ and Retain Older Workers

A Study Addressing the Retention of an Aging Nursing and Allied Health Workforce - This study is examining the incentives or conditions that would encourage older employees to continue working. The project will result in a better understanding of the steps that can be taken to improve the retention of nurses and allied health workers and thereby meet the critical workforce needs of the healthcare industry.

Protocol for Serving Older Workers - In January 2005, ETA released a "Protocol for Serving Older Workers" that seeks to enhance the services provided to older workers, and inspire the workforce investment system to pursue innovative strategies for tapping into this labor pool and connecting them with the job market. The protocol outlines a set of action steps that key stakeholders - Department of Labor, State and Local Workforce Investment Boards, One-Stop Career Centers, mature worker intermediaries and service providers, and business and industry - can take to achieve the goal of connecting employers with older workers.

Senior Community Service Employment Program - The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a community service and work-based training program for older workers.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan - The Medicare program is now offering insurance coverage for prescription drugs. Find out more information on this program through information released by ETA to the workforce investment system in: