DOL Grants: Learn About Resources Available this Year

The Department of Labor administers a variety of grants, which aim to connect, protect, train, support, and empower workers and job seekers, at home and abroad. We stand ready to serve workers in all communities, with targeted programs for teens and young adults, low-wage workers, women in nontraditional occupations, people with disabilities, homeless veterans and returning service members, previously incarcerated youth or adults, tribal communities and rural communities.

The Department’s grants range in terms of size, eligibility, program purpose, and other important characteristics. Come hear from Department of Labor leadership and staff across grant-making agencies and program offices, to learn about the grant programs and funding opportunities available at the Department, how to prepare, partner, or apply, and how to stay informed throughout the year as funding opportunities become available.  

The Webinar will be recorded and made available online in the weeks following the event.