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Wage and Hour Division
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Know Your Rights Videos

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has developed the “Know Your Rights” video series in English and Spanish to provide workers with useful basic information in different scenarios that workers encounter in the workplace. The videos provide valuable basic information to correct common misinformation, such as what the federal minimum wage is; when overtime pay is due; when an employer has to pay an employee; whether off the clock work is compensable or not; who is an employee and who is an independent contractor; what rights young workers have; whether seasonal workers are subject to wage and hour laws or not; and how and what is needed to file a complaint with WHD.

As well as being posted here on the WHD website, DVDs of the videos are being distributed to stakeholders and are being provided to various worker rights and day laborer centers throughout the country, to one-stop centers, and to foreign consulates to be played on continuous loops onsite.

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Know Your Rights (all segments)

(Colección del Vídeo Informativo de Conozca sus Derechos)

Minimum Wage

(el Salario Mínimo)

Regular Pay

(el Pago Regular)

Misclassification as Independent Contractor

(Empleado vs el Contratista)

Migrant and Seasonal Work

(el Empleo Estacional)


(Tiempo Extra)

Off-the-Clock Hours

(Fuera del Horario)

Child Labor

(el Trabajo Infantil)

How to File a Complaint