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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Opinion Letter Search



Search opinion letters by choosing one or more filters on the left and the corresponding opinion letters will display in the center of the page. The more filters you choose on the left side, the narrower the search results. Please note that if you choose too many filters, your search may be too narrow to identify any opinion letters that can meet all filters criteria at once.

You can also filter opinion letters by typing a search term into the “Search” box in the center of the page. Type a name, keyword, etc. in the search box to display results based on the parameters you entered. The more search terms, the narrower the results. Consequently, too many search terms may yield no results.

To remove a filter term simply click on the red circled Removal icon decorative reference located to the right of the filter term.

To clear all filters simply click on "Remove Filters" located above your search results.

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