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September 12, 2012

5,500 Veterans to Receive Job Training Services from VWIP Grant

On August 21st, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced 5,500 veterans are to be served through $11.53 million in grants. Eleven grantees will receive funding to help them provide job training services through the Veterans' Workforce Investment Program (VWIP) across 10 states. "These grants will increase the skill sets of veterans and result in training and credentialing for jobs in high-demand industries," said Secretary Solis. "Our veterans made sacrifices on behalf of our nation, and I ask all employers to renew their commitment to veterans, because the best way to honor our veterans is to hire them." The funds from these grants will be used to provide training to veterans in career fields such as software and computer services, construction, auto mechanics, security, logistics, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, hospitality, and the culinary arts.

Hiring Fair at the Department of Labor

More than 800 job seekers attended the Department of Labor's hiring fair for veterans and individuals with disabilities at the Frances Perkins Building in Washington, D.C. on August 8th. As these applicants made their way into the building, DOL employees were standing by to greet and conduct interviews. John Moran, the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS), also participated in greeting applicants and conducting interviews at the hiring fair. In an interview, DAS Moran stated, "This event is a great example of just one of the many things that the Department of Labor is doing to not only say, but show it is fully committed to hiring veterans."

TAP Receives an Overhaul

The Department of Defense is currently conducting pilot classes on the new Transition Goals, Plans, Success (GPS)—formerly known as the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). "As part of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act passed in 2011, Transition GPS takes military members through a week-long class, compared to the original mandatory two to four hours of separation counseling," said Susan Kelly, the Defense Department's Deputy Director for the newly formed Transition to Veterans Program Office.

In July, VETS launched its newly redesigned Employment Workshop. The Employment Workshop, a three day transition course, works with transitioning service members to help them translate their military skills in order to design an effective resume, search for employment opportunities, and prepare for job interviews. The Employment Workshop is currently in the process of being rolled out and is expected to be fully implemented, along with Transition GPS, by the end of 2013.

Marine Veteran Finds a Great Opportunity Utilizing Skills Learned in the Military

Shortly after separating from the Marine Corps, post 9/11 veteran Julian Cox entered his local American Job Center (AJC) seeking assistance in achieving his EMT certification. It was there, that Julian elected to receive intensive career services offered to him through the Gold Card Initiative. Working with staff at the AJC, Julian was informed of programs available to help him in receiving his EMT certification. After five months of training and intensive counciling services, Julian is providing EMT services with an American contractor overseas, making over $150,000 a year. In a follow up conversation, Julian stated, "Not only did the training and services I received through the Gold Card Initiative help me in getting hired, it is also those same programs that have helped me to keep my job even while this company has been downsizing."

Lights, Camera, Action — for "The American Veteran"

The Department of Labor's headquarters served as the backdrop of a segment from the show, The American Veteran, which is produced by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Labor's headquarters served as the backdrop of a segment from the show, The American Veteran, which is produced by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This show later aired to troops around the world on the Pentagon Channel. The video crew produced stand-ups featuring show host and veteran, Jonathan Kaupanger, in and around the Frances Perkins Building, including segments shot on the roof, along Constitution Avenue, in the Cesar Chavez Auditorium, and in the offices of the Veterans' Employment and Training Service. DAS, John Moran was interviewed by the show's Executive Producer, Jeremy Wheeler, on programs offered by the Department to veterans, including the Employment Workshop--a part of the Transition GPS, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), and job initiatives targeted to returning service personnel.

Veteran finds training and employment through his local AJC

Marine veteran Joshua Carpenter found assistance and a new career through his local AJC. After serving in the Marine Corps for two years, Joshua was discharged due to medical complications. Afterwards, Joshua returned home with his wife, who was expecting their first child, in order to begin their new life as civilians. At home he spent his time recovering from his injury. After making a full recovery, Joshua entered his local AJC. As a post 9/11 veteran, Joshua learned he is entitled to receive intensive services, provided by the AJC's Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist, as part of the Gold Card Initiative. These services include searching for jobs, preparing his resume, and conducting interviews.

Several days later, the AJC's Local Veterans' Employment Representative (LVER) had met with a hiring manager at Midwest Window and Door Corp, who was looking to hire veterans. With this information, the LVER referred Joshua's resume to the employer. A short time later, Joshua was contacted by the employer for an interview. After conducting his interview, Joshua was offered a position within this company. He happily accepted the offer.

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