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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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OFCCP Key Personnel – National Office


OFCCP Key Personnel - National Office

Name Title Division Phone
Craig E. Leen Acting Director Front Office (202) 693–0101
Craig E. Leen Deputy Director Front Office (202) 693–0101
Marika Litras Acting Deputy Director Front Office (202) 693–0101
Kelley Smith Chief of Staff Front Office (202) 693–0101
Lissette Geán Special Assistant to the Deputy Director Front Office (202) 693–0101
Javaid Kaiser, Ph.D. Acting Director DMAP (202) 693–0119
Candice Spalding Deputy Director DMAP (202) 693–0119
Marc Huete Branch Chief for Information Technology DMAP (202) 693–0119
Kenneth Leung Branch Chief for Budget and Finance DMAP (202) 693–0119
Carol Qualls Branch Chief for Human Capital and Workforce Management DMAP (202) 693–0119
Debra A. Carr Director DPPD (202) 693–0104
Harvey D. Fort Deputy Director DPPD (202) 693–0104
Vacant Branch Chief for Regulatory, Legislative and Policy Development DPPD (202) 693–0104
Margaret Kraak Branch Chief for Training, Education and Program Development DPPD (202) 693–0104
Tina Williams Acting Director DPO (202) 693–0106
Tina Williams Deputy Director DPO (202) 693–0106
Robert LaJeunesse, Ph.D. Branch Chief for Expert Analysis DPO (202) 693–0106
Nakisha Pugh Branch Chief for Functional Affirmative Action Program (FAAP) DPO (202) 693–0106
Quintin Carter Acting Branch Chief for Performance DPO (202) 693–0106
Tina Williams Acting Branch Chief for Quality Assurance DPO (202) 693–0106
Theresa Lujan Director, Indian & Native American Employment Rights Program DPO (602) 514–4660