• Wage Determinations Online - (Note: As of June 14, 2019 WDOL.gov has moved to https://sam.gov/content/home) This website provides a single location for federal contracting officers to use in obtaining appropriate Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) wage determinations (WDs) for each official contract action. The website is available to the general public as well. Guidance in selecting WDs from this website is provided in the SAM.gov Learning Center.
  • Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Web Information Service
    This site provides public access to Davis-Bacon information and supports the user in filling out the Report of Construction Contractor's Wage Rates (WD-10) Form. The type of information that you will find here includes information about the Schedule of Surveys being conducted to make wage determinations; regional office information; and, help. We also provide a WD-10 Form that you can view, print or save
  • WHD District Offices
    Complaints concerning underpayment of wages should be filed with the appropriate WHD District Office listed here. To find the WHD District Office nearest to you, please click on a state on the map or select a state name.
  • WHD Regions
    The map provide on this site shows where the WHD Regional Offices are located and the areas they cover. Click on one of the areas shown to link to the name, phone number and address for Government Contracts Enforcement Coordinator in that Region.