8J05 Contractor's Response to the 15-Day Notice

The contractor has 15 calendar days from the date it receives the 15-Day Notice to respond. If the contractor does not respond within the 15-day period, or reasonable extensions thereof, the CO refers the case for enforcement.

If the contractor does respond, OFCCP will evaluate whether the response shows that the CO erroneously issued the 15-Day Notice or otherwise explains the violations. If so, the CO will either rescind the 15-Day Notice or otherwise resolve the matter with the contractor. If not, the CO will formally refer the case to RSOL. RSOL, with the CO’s assistance, will attempt to negotiate a consent decree that includes all appropriate remedies. If the contractor is unwilling to enter into a consent decree, RSOL will treat the case as a normal enforcement referral, as described in Section 8L on enforcement proceedings.