8C00 When to Use a Notice to the Labor Union

Notice to a labor union is required when a CO proposes a remedy that affects the CBA. When a CO proposes a remedy for a violation that is identified in the course of a compliance evaluation or complaint investigation that requires a change in or otherwise affects a CBA between the contractor and a labor union, the CO must notify the union in writing of the violation and invite the union to participate in the conciliation process. A remedy affecting a CBA is one requiring the modification, deletion or exception to an existing provision, or the addition of a new provision. The following are examples of some remedies that may impact the terms of a current CBA:

  • Retroactive seniority;
  • Temporary suspension of promotion or transfer provisions, or both; or
  • Institution of or modification to a job posting process that applies to a workforce, job group or position covered by the CBA.

In a compliance evaluation, the CO sends this notice to the union if the contractor indicates that it wants to conciliate after receiving the NOV. Otherwise, the CO sends notice to the union when it issues the SCN. In a complaint investigation, the CO sends the notice to the union at the same time he or she sends the NORI to the contractor.