2N02 Implementation Under Executive Order 11246

When linkage is needed, a CO must take the following actions to establish linkage agreements during the course of the compliance evaluation:

a. Identify those job groups in the contractor’s workforce where goals were established and there was employment activity, but the goals were not met.

b. Evaluate the contractor’s good faith efforts to identify possible recruitment sources for those underutilized job groups.

c. Contact appropriate linkage resources to obtain specific information on availability of potential applicants and potential trainees for positions in the areas of underutilization. If possible, the CO must arrange a meeting between the resource organization(s) and the contractor.

d. When a resource appears to be a likely source of applicants or trainees, the CO will seek to include the contractor’s commitment to utilize the linkage source, along with other actions in a CA, if a CA is used to resolve violations related to outreach and positive recruitment.170

e. If a linkage agreement is included in a CA, the CA must require progress reports at least semi-annually. With respect to linkages, these reports should contain:

  • Total hire activity by job group, broken out by sex, race, ethnicity, and other relevant covered group status; and
  • Total hire activity and number of people referred from each linkage source agreed to in the CA, and any other appropriate source, broken out by sex, race, ethnicity, and other relevant covered group status.

170. See FCCM Chapter 8 – Resolution of Noncompliance.