Complaints Form

File a complaint against your employer for discrimination or retaliation of any kind.

Contractor Compliance Institute (CCI)

Acquire the skills to ensure your organization's compliance with the obligations and requirements that are included in your federal contracts and subcontracts. 


A resource for federal contractors and subcontractors to learn solutions to common OFCCP compliance challenges. This is also a resource in which OFCCP will periodically host discussions, which will inform OFCCP of stakeholder input.

OMBUDS Complaint Form

File a complaint with the Ombudsman at OFCCP. The OMBUDS service at OFCCP facilitates fair and equitable resolution of concerns raised by external stakeholders. 

Notification of Construction Contract Award

Contracting officers, applicants, and contractors are required to give written notice to OFCCP within 10 working days of award of a construction contract or subcontract in excess of $10,000.

OFCCP Help Desk

Federal contractors (both employers and employees) can use this Helpdesk to submit questions to OFCCP.