Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), U.S. Department of Labor

ODEP is a U.S. Department of Labor agency and its mission is to develop and influence policies and practices that increase the number and quality of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), Employment and Disability Institute

Cornell’s ILR’s Employment Disability Institute is a leading resource on employment and disability information for businesses, lawmakers, federal and state agencies, educational institutions, unions, and service providers. The institute provides research, technical assistance, training, scholarly reports, and training publications to support the contributions of people with disabilities and ensure their full inclusion in their communities.

Forrester Research Inc. (commissioned by Microsoft)

Before the economic downturn, in 2003–2004 Microsoft Corp. and Forrester Research Inc. conducted a survey that revealed 101.4 million people in the workforce at that time could benefit or greatly benefit from accessible or assistive technology. By some accounts, there is a 45 percent unemployment rate for college students with disabilities. According to the Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD), 70 percent of college students’ disabilities are non–apparent or hidden; many of these students may be future employees of federal contractors. Within the government contractor workforce are already employees with non–apparent disabilities who could benefit from assistive technologies. The challenge is creating a corporate culture where employees with disabilities feel safe and comfortable “bringing their whole self to work.” This report provides information on these technologies and workplace strategies for their use.

U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN): Disability at Work

Disability at Work is a national non–profit that helps business drive performance by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain, and marketplace. This organization serves as the collective voice of nearly 50 Business Leadership Network affiliates across the United States, representing over 5,000 businesses.