The following supplemental information is useful in using the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) Employee Resource Referral Directory (Directory).


The page is comprised of a search and filtering component (left) and the search results (right). As a user, you can manipulate which organizations are displayed in the search results by engaging with the search and filters. Before any search and/or filters are applied, 10 organizations will display in alphabetical order (A-Z).

Search and Filters

The following are brief explanations of the search and filter fields.

Region: A dropdown of US regions as defined by OFCCP.
Organization Name: A basic field to search against organization name. Can be full or partial.
Organization City: A basic field to search against the city in which the organization is located. Can be full or partial.
State: A dropdown of US states.
Applicant Type: A multi-select dropdown of defined applicant types.
Job Categories: A multi-select dropdown of defined job categories.

Click “Apply” to apply any/all filters and search queries. Click “Clear all” to remove all applied filters and search queries.

Search Results

The list of organizations will refresh with actions “Apply” and “Clear all”. If there are multiple pages of data to display, the pagination component will allow you to navigate the various pages of search results. You can also choose the number of results to display per page (10, 50, 100) by interacting with the “Results per page” dropdown located near the pagination.


As a user, you can easily export the full Directory by clicking the “Export data” button. The data will download to your computer as a .csv file which can be opened using Microsoft Excel among other applications. From there, you can further manipulate the data as needed.

How to Find Your Region

Find which region each state belongs to using the Regional Outreach Coordinator map.