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Worker Empowerment in South America

The Worker Empowerment in South America project seeks to improve respect for labor rights in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru by strengthening democratic, independent workers' organizations in the agricultural, platform (gig) economy, manufacturing, and mining sectors.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center) $12,000,000 12/15/2022 12/14/2026

Madagascar Shines: Reducing Child Labor in Mica-Producing Communities of Madagascar

The Madagascar Shines project aims to reduce child labor in mica-producing communities in the Anôsy region of Madagascar through community engagement, coordination, and capacity building.

Madagascar Pact $4,500,000 02/14/2022 06/09/2025

Eliminating Child Labor in Mica-Producing Communities and Promoting Responsible Mica Sourcing in Madagascar and Globally (MICA)

The goal of the UNDP’s MICA project is to eliminate child labor in four communes in Madagascar and to promote environmentally- and socially-responsible mica mining by bolstering the resiliency of vulnerable households in mica producing communities, building government capacity, and increasing engagement with stakeholders.

Madagascar United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) $4,500,000 12/16/2020 09/15/2021

Combatting Child Labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Cobalt Industry (COTECCO)

The COTECCO project works to address child labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) cobalt supply chain, with a focus on artisanal and small-scale mining. It supports key stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to reduce child labor and improve working conditions in artisanal and small-scale mines, as well as in the broader cobalt supply chain.


Congo, Democratic Republic of the (DRC) International Labor Organization (ILO) $23,500,000 10/15/2018 05/16/2024

Pilares: Building the Capacity of Civil Society to Combat Child Labor and Improve Working Conditions in Colombia

The Pilares project is supporting civil society organizations in Colombia to more effectively detect and combat child labor and unacceptable working conditions in artisanal and small-scale mines. Pilares forms networks of civil society organizations and empowers local communities to build grassroots movements. Collectively, these movements or networks are improving working conditions and reducing the risk that children will be used in this harmful work.

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Colombia Pact $1,000,000 12/15/2017 10/31/2023

Somos Tesoro (We Are a Treasure): Project to Reduce Child Labor in Colombia

Colombia Pact $11,250,000 09/30/2013 09/30/2020

Strengthening Unions to Promote Vulnerable Workers' Rights in Peru

Peru American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center) $1,000,000 12/31/2012 12/31/2014

Occupational Safety and Health Modernization Project

To modernize occupational, mine, chemical and occupational medicine training for the Indian Government.

India University of Texas $600,000 08/31/2012 08/31/2015

Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labor in West Africa and Strengthening Sub-regional Cooperation Through ECOWAS II

This project seeks to contribute to regional and national initiatives to combat the worst forms of child labor (WFCL) in West Africa.

Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria International Labor Organization (ILO) $5,000,000 12/31/2010 04/30/2014

ÑAUPAQMAN PURIY KEREIMBA: Combating Exploitive Child Labor Through Education in Bolivia

Development Objective: To reduce the number of children working in exploitive conditions in Bolivia by increasing their enrollment in educational activities, reducing their hours of work or removing them from exploitive work, assisting families with increased livelihood opportunities, and promoting economic empowerment among communities. The project will develop its strategies in conjunction with indigenous organizations and work within the framework of indigenous cultural values, organizational structure and language.

Bolivia Desarrollo y Autogestión (DYA) $6,000,000 12/30/2010 02/28/2015
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