Success Stories

"[The project] trained us to be peer mentors, so I will be telling them that it is not time to do serious work for money."

"The coffee rust fungus destroyed the entire coffee crop my dad had cultivated. He remained in debt, sick and unable to recover. With tears in his eyes, he asked us to return to the community. He did not want anything bad to happen to me and my brother in the city."

"For the first time I was in a classroom. I learned to read and write, learned to speak properly and learned the mason profession. I started to think differently. I was structuring my career."

"Although I am the only girl working here, they are all like my brothers."

"I dream of having as much knowledge as possible. Knowing things is the key to everything."

"The school said he had behavior problems, but the issue was that they didn't understand the nature of his disability or how to work with his disability."

"Love what you do and never wait for any payback because helping others in need is in itself a great reward." »

"He has energy to spare."

"This is something that cannot be done in this factory. If your work requires you to work standing, you have to work standing, even when you are pregnant."

"I was the one to take care of the baby. We had to forget about school."