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ALFA: Addressing Labor Exploitation in Fishing in ASEAN

The ALFA project will strengthen the capacity of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) sectoral bodies and member countries to coordinate and collaborate to address forced labor and abusive working conditions in the region’s fishing industry. ALFA will focus on ASEAN regional policy implementation, and increased engagement with the private sector, worker organizations, and civil society to mitigate forced labor and trafficking, and improve working conditions for a more sustainable, responsible and resilient fishing sector.

$2,500,000 Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) 12/15/2021 06/14/2026

MY Voice: Project to Combat Forced Labor and Child Labor in the Production of Goods in Malaysia

The MY Voice project will combat forced labor and child labor in the garment and palm oil industries in Malaysia in three main ways: 1) building the capacity of workers and civil society organizations to advocate for labor rights; 2) elevating the role of worker voice in private sector social compliance systems in these industries; and 3) increasing access to remedies for workers exploited for forced labor or child labor.

$5,000,000 Malaysia Social Accountability International 12/15/2021 06/14/2026

Global Accelerator Lab Project: Intensifying Action Against Forced Labor and Child Labor

ILAB’s Global Accelerator Lab project will support broader and more effective action under Alliance 8.7, a global partnership to assist United Nations (UN) member States to end child labor, forced labor, human trafficking and modern slavery by 2030. 

$10,000,000 Ghana, Global, Malaysia, Nigeria, Regional, Somalia International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/01/2021 10/15/2025

Improving Workers’ Rights in the Rural Sectors of the Indo Pacific with a Focus on Women

Despite the significance of the agriculture, fishing, and mining industries to the US’ trade relations with Philippines and Indonesia, these sectors are characterized by poverty and poor working conditions, especially at the lower tiers of the supply chain in rural areas.

$4,000,000 Indonesia, Philippines International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/01/2020 11/30/2024

Against Child Exploitation (ACE) Project

ACE seeks to strengthen governments and communities in Asia to address the worst forms of child labor, including the online sexual exploitation of children, and promote acceptable conditions of work through a unified and participatory approach in the Philippines and Vietnam.

$5,000,000 Philippines, Vietnam World Vision 09/30/2019 09/30/2024

Fair Fish: Fostering Accountability in Recruitment for Fishery Workers

The FAIR Fish project helps create a fair global playing field for workers and responsible U.S. businesses by engaging with the private sector to reduce forced labor and human trafficking in the fishing and seafood processing sectors in Thailand.

$8,400,000 Thailand Plan International 01/01/2019 12/31/2024

Attaining Lasting Change (ATLAS)

The ATLAS project builds the capacity of governments to combat child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking by helping them strengthen their laws, regulations, and enforcement efforts and enhance coordination between law enforcement and social protection entities. After completing the implementation and institutionalization of interventions in Argentina, Thailand, and Paraguay in 2022, ATLAS will continue working in Liberia to help develop a new child labor law and advocate for its passage.

$8,800,000 Argentina, Bolivia, Global, Liberia, Paraguay, Thailand Winrock International 01/01/2019 06/30/2024

BuildCA2P: Building Capacity, Awareness, Advocacy and Programs Project

The BuildCA2P Project works to build the capacity of Filipino civil society to more effectively detect and combat child labor and other labor abuses in the agricultural sector in Mindanao, Philippines. It leverages partnerships with academic and advocacy organizations to build a grassroots movement, empower vulnerable families, connect survivors to grievance mechanisms and services, and reduce the risk that children will be harmed by performing hazardous work in agriculture.

$2,900,000 Philippines ChildFund International 10/01/2018 09/30/2023

Reducing Incidence of Child Labor and Harmful Conditions of Work in Economic Strengthening Initiatives (RICHES)

The Reducing Incidence of Child Labor and Harmful Conditions of Work in Economic Strengthening Initiatives (RICHES) project integrated the issues of child labor alleviation and acceptable conditions of work into women’s economic empowerment initiatives. By putting a new toolkit directly in the hands of policymakers and service providers who work with women entrepreneurs, RICHES helped to ensure women-led enterprises can improve livelihoods responsibly without resorting to child labor or other harmful labor practices.

$401,400 El Salvador, Global, Philippines Grameen Foundation 12/01/2017 02/28/2022


The SAFE Seas project works to counter forced labor and human trafficking on fishing vessels in Indonesia and the Philippines. The project works to strengthen government enforcement capacity and deepen engagement among fishers, the private sector and civil society. As a result, SAFE Seas helps to promote supply chains free of exploitative labor and a fair playing field for workers in the U.S. and around the world.

$5,500,000 Indonesia, Philippines Plan International 12/01/2017 11/30/2022