Organization Chart

Martha Newton
Deputy Undersecretary

Mark Mittelhauser
Associate Deputy Undersecretary

Grant Lebens
Chief of Staff


Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking
Marcia Eugenio, Director
Kevin Willcutts, Deputy

Office of International Relations and Economic Research
Robert Shepard, Director
Zhao Li, Deputy
Ken Swinnerton, Chief International Economist and Deputy

Office of Trade and Labor Affairs
Matthew Levin, Director
Katy Mastman, Deputy
Donna Chung, Deputy

Latin America and the Caribbean
Eileen Muirragui, Division Chief
Multilateral and Global Issues
Joan Barrett, Division Chief
Monitoring and Enforcement of Trade Agreements
Marisa Ferri, Division Chief
  Trade Policy and Negotiations
Anne Zollner, Division Chief
Tanya Rasa, Division Chief
Technical Assistance and Cooperation
Research and Policy